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TOP 5 Game Developers On Fiver: Game on! Create & customize a captivating digital game that gamers will love.

Game development has become a huge business in recent times. It involves challenging tasks that require high skills and expertise. Considering the varied tastes and preferences of the target gamers, the developers use suitable technologies. Apart from the content, the look and feel of the games are equally crucial to make them stand out in today’s competitive market. Last but not the least, immersive technologies like AR, VR and MR are being extensively used nowadays so that the games become interactive and engaging for the players across the globe.

According to the nature and scope of your games, you can hire a game developer with requisite expertise so that he/she can deliver tailor-made solutions to make it distinctive.

Game developers, also known as video game developers or programmers, can create video games for a number of formats, including web, PC, console and mobile. Certainly a coveted job by many, it’s not all about playing video games all day — it involves a lot of hard work to be good at this job!

A game developer takes the video game designer’s ideas, images and plans and brings them to life through coding and programming, with details that range from the game terrain to characters and everything in between. Besides having a creative role in a project, game developers also ensure that video games don’t crash and part of their job involves testing. If just one thing is broken, the whole game may cease to function during regular gameplay.

When hiring a game developer, look for someone with a degree in computer science, software engineering or related fields, knowledge in coding (C, C++, or Java), creativity and problem-solving skills, passion for video games and knowledge of the latest trends and great attention to detail. You might decide to look for someone who can solve all of your problems or can specialize in a certain part of the process.

On this article we will find the Best Video Game Developers on Fiver:

1- bilal1407

2D game expert, can create any sort of game as per your requirements. EXPERT in making Clones of popular games like flappy bird etc. He can create any 2D game as you need, just contact him discuss details and we will be ready to go. He can create hyper casual games, kids games and Education games aswell

2- attishno1

We are a group of professional game devs and designers . Eggness, Farm Town Run, Shoot Pump Shoot, and Super Box Adventures are some of the games that were made under my leadership. Trailer for the video game Super Box Adventures is above!

We also provide game design documents, game mechanics, game writing, story development, scripts and dialogues

We have made 100s of games for our clients. Some of those games generated thousands of dollars for our clients and were successful.

Your Game Document and Development will include:

- Setting
- Mindset
- Gameplay Design
- UI design
- Menu flow chart
- Stand out features
- AI behaviors
- Character story/backgrounds
- Gun play or Combat design
- Level design
- Mission or level objectives
- Progression system
- Narrative design
- Screen effects, graphics and art style suggestions.

3- razzaq94

I am specialised in building interactive 3D & 2D games in most popular and efficient game engine Unity 3D/2D.

My services include:

Custom Game Development:
If you have a custom game idea in mind then feel free to discuss it with me. The cost/time of your custom game idea will depend upon the complexity of your game idea.

*There are special discounts for the repeat buyers.

I have published several Games on Play Store and App Store. All work is completed by me, so you do not need to worry about your work outsourced to someone else. Maintaining a regular communication is important to me for providing my clients the highest quality of work and 100% satisfaction.

4- abr1816

Looking an Experienced Unity developer who can develop unity multiplayer online game. We Know How to develop mobile game & PC game for multiple gaming platforms of All genres in Unity 3D or we can modify your existing game by integrating features & plugins.

On the basis of 4+ years professionally & 1+ year freelancing experience of Unity Game Development, we will develop best 3D game in unity 3d for pc & mobile etc. Your Game is cross platform supported so you can publish your app for multiple platforms like android iOS window mac smart tvs etc.
We have experienced team of game developers & game designer. Our Designers has vast experience & ability of creating astonishing art. 3D designers are expert in 3D character & 3d Animation designing within extra skills over rigging & 3D modeling with various tools like 3Ds Max, Blender etc.

Why you will work with us?

We have expertise in Managing your Long term Projects within Deadlines.

We can guide you from beginning to end, if you are new in game business.

We can deliver short term project urgently.
We can make your code more worthy if you already have source code.

5- jordimeije

am a developer working at Easysee and like to do the most creative tasks. I have some colleagues that can support me when needed so that I can deliver the best quality possible.

My colleagues and I have a professional mindset in making games, serious games, and other graphical applications.
When using the latest Unity3D we can make basically any game to a Virtual Reality game. This includes most VR headsets and AR technologies.

My services include: